• Loving what is in the mirror

    A confession!

    Eeek, I feel really bad admitting this. I feel like I have been leading a double life, but that is the reason to come clean (pun intended). One of my most sacred values is being real, even on social media. Just search my hashtags #RealFacebook #RealLife So here it goes. I don’t wash my face at night! Shock, horror! The girl that sells skin care doesn’t look after her skin! Ok, it’s not that big a deal, not in grand scheme of things. But it does matter to me because I like to like what I see in the mirror. I got started on this whole network marketing thing because…

  • Loving what is in the mirror

    Bad skin, is it really that big a deal?

    Yes, if it has an impact on your mental health and emotional well being it is a big deal. So why do so many of us give up and just accept that greasy skin, spots, dark circles, dry patches are a part of life and are here to stay? I was lucky as a teenager and had pretty good skin, a whopper of a spot once a year but apart from that I was very lucky. But then when I hit my mid 30’s mother nature made up for that big time! All of a sudden, I had a greasy, spotty face. I had dark circles under my eyes that…

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