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    What’s my secret?

    What’s my secret? I often get asked this, I’m not showing off, I’m writing this because it’s not a secret, it’s something I want you to all have. I’m not in any way special, I’m not incredibly clever or extraordinarily brave, or have super strength. I’m pretty ordinary really, but I just chose to look. I look for happiness, for adventure, for excitement. I look for love, for friendship, for smiles. I don’t have it as hard as some of you, but life isn’t all rosy over here. I have my shit to deal, some of it pretty immense actually. But I choose to look. So many people go through…

  • Adventure

    Are you going in the right direction?

    Are you going in the right direction? This poor guy wasn’t. He had climbed up the outside wall of the house, in the window, down inside our bedroom and along the carpet. He really didn’t know where he was going. Do you? You could be plugging away at a weightloss program and not making much progress. You could be working hard, every day at work and for no recognition, or career progression. It’s never to late to change your path. I helped this little guy by putting him back outside near the greenery that would bring him happiness. Would you like some help finding the right direction?

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