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What’s my secret?

What’s my secret?

I often get asked this, I’m not showing off, I’m writing this because it’s not a secret, it’s something I want you to all have.

I’m not in any way special, I’m not incredibly clever or extraordinarily brave, or have super strength.

I’m pretty ordinary really, but I just chose to look.

I look for happiness, for adventure, for excitement. I look for love, for friendship, for smiles.

I don’t have it as hard as some of you, but life isn’t all rosy over here. I have my shit to deal, some of it pretty immense actually. But I choose to look.

So many people go through life with blinkers on, is that you? Maybe you don’t understand what I mean.

There is adventure at every turn, there is happiness in every day, but some people are too busy being sad, or lonely, or angry or just too busy being busy that they don’t see it.

Is that you?

Or maybe you are one of the other kind of people, who have built a wall so high that nothing can get in. You’ve let other people build that wall for you, but you’ve probably done some of the hard labour yourself. That wall is now so high you are stuck. Well at least you think you are. But actually, any wall can be destroyed, if you want it enough. Berlin Wall 1989? But you can’t see over the wall to see what is there.

Is that you?

We can all look. You can look. You can look for sadness or anger or guilt or stress.

We can all look. You can look. You can look for happiness, for joy, for adventure, for excitement.

Which one do you choose?

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