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Merry Christmas from all of us

This year has been one of big change for our little family and with that in mind I decided to change things up a bit. Instead of the traditional newsletter I print out and add to the Christmas cards I have gone digital! So here is our news and below a link to the You Tube channel to see our antics in photos.

This time last year I was hatching a plan to leave the classroom and have a sustainable business I could work from home. I’m sat at my computer on a Monday morning writing this, as I did just that and now have the time freedom to work whenever I choose to. I developed my Nourish Your Inner Happy company to incorporate Nourish the Workplace, a wellbeing initiative for schools.

To date I have helped 12 schools develop their wellbeing so their amazing teachers can do their jobs to the best of their abilities and be happier doing so. It also helps with recruitment if schools are struggling and with both of these come pupils being happier and learning more too. If you know a school that would like to get involved then see the website for more details, . It is all run online the next #TeamNourish school could be anywhere in the world!

January saw me hand in my resignation although I waited until July to leave so I didn’t miss out on Sophie’s last few months at Primary school. It has been a whirlwind of adventure since then, 6 months of me working 4 part time jobs but all calmed down in the summer. I am enjoying being able to work at Leeds Castle more and work Nourish the Workplace and Nourish Your Inner Happy from home. It’s awesome!

Gavin has had a year of change as well. He was recruited by the trust his school was in to be Head of Primary Education and took on that role in July. The summer holidays saw a transition period and Gavin learning how to lead a slower pace of life! Although he has an office in one of the 3 schools he is in charge of, it is often easier for him to work from home, the girls get to see him every morning and he is in at a more sensible time in the evening. However, the both of us working from home has taken some getting used to!!!

Sophie finished primary school in July and although had a rocky start to secondary school, finding it hard to adjust and let go of past times, she is now loving her new school. She went to a different one to most of her friends which has had its challenges, but in the long term will be the perfect place for her.

Holly is the only one of us that hasn’t had a year of change! Which is really good for her for obvious reasons!

We all had a wonderful time when the Beast from the East hit us with a week of snow in March. A week off school, days of fun sledging with friends, we’re hoping it will visit again this winter!

Sophie packed her last year in primary school full of experiences, she sang at the O2 in London for the Young Voices choir, had a part in Oliver for their end of year production and enjoyed getting filthy at Muddy Mayhem. She is still enjoying the water and swims 3 times a week, she has done 2 synchronised swimming shows and 2 competitions this year! She loves dancing and had the amazing opportunity to compete in Blackpool a few weeks ago, and her team came home with 3rd place!

Holly is enjoying studying for her GCSE’s, well she won’t admit that as she is 14 but she still loves learning new things really. She has been volunteering at Magic, our local autism youth group and still enjoys her dancing too. She now does ballet and contemporary and had great fun at their dance show in the summer.

Highlight of the year was the Grand Evans Road Trip. We decided to stay in this country this year for our holidays and see what we could find. I booked Airbnb’s to add to the adventure and we really crammed it all in! We stayed in Cornwall, Devon, Wales, Bath, Northampton, York and Blackpool! The varied landscapes, crazy weather, beautiful wildlife and yummy food made for wonderful memories.

I’ve made a video of our adventures on You Tube, you can watch it here

Please keep in touch with us, social media is lovely and easy, but snail mail and phone calls are always a joy to receive!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a fun filled 2019.

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