Life is a journey

What is stopping you from being truly happy?

If you were to ask most people this question you would get these kind of answers;

  • work
  • kids
  • money
  • stress
  • responsibilities
  • health
  • weight

Which one of those would you give if I was sitting having a cuppa with you right now?

I wonder if anyone would answer with this though

  • myself

And that is the only one which is true. Yes, all of those other things affect our happiness, but only if we let them.

If we let them.

We have the power to control how we react to stress and unhappiness. So we have the power to make sure that the above things to not lead to the destruction of our happiness.

It takes some bravery and guts to admit that. To stop blaming others. That is far, far easier.

  • My boss hates me
  • The kids are rude to me
  • I have to spend all my money on bills
  • My mum needs me
  • There is too much going on
  • Meal planning is too much work
  • I don’t have the time to workout/cook from scratch

How about you stop blaming others and take back a little control. Tell yourself that you can deal with situations and not let them get to you. Walk away and give yourself a pep talk in the toilet and then walk back out with a smile on your face. Say no to your kids having new trainers again (there’s a whole other blog post coming for this!). Stop scrolling through Facebook and spend 15 mins meal planning for the week instead.

Take back control of your life and stop letting other chip away at your happiness.

You are worth more than that.

Go lead the life you deserve!

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