Life is a journey

The path to true happiness

I’ll tell you right now, that path is a bumpy one.

There are many pot holes in the road, hazards that get in your way, bad weather that will hamper your journey.

Do you give up and go home? Some do. But here’s what most people do.

They think, “Oh goodness, this looks scary, I think I’ll just wait here a while and hope it gets better in the morning.” They hope someone will come along and move the obstacle, or mend the pot holes so they can have a smoother ride.

Trouble is, the next morning it is often worse, instead of the sunny skies they were hoping for another storm is brewing on the horizon. They were going to head out and battle on, but now they stay where they are a bit longer.

Does this resonate with you?

Would you let this kind of stuff actually stop you on a real journey. If you were going to a friend’s wedding and bad weather, traffic jams and pot holes in the road were part of your journey would you stop at the next service station and wait for it to be sorted? No, of course not. You’d miss the wedding!!!

So how does this translate to your happiness?

I’m guessing you let things get in the way. Yes, you LET things get in the way. That is hard to admit, but do it. Admit to yourself what is stopping you from reaching that end destination, your happiness.

Short term issues like illness, family rows, stroppy teenagers, toddlers whining. They are like pot holes in the road, if you know they are coming you can avoid them. If you don’t they can know you a little but when you realise the tyre hasn’t burst and you are driving ok you can carry on. But they should not stop you from going in the first place and definitely not a reason to stop your journey all together.

Somethings like a stressful job, redundancy, shift work can be like traffic jams. They hold you up momentarily, but sit tight, deal with the stress and it can soon start moving again. You can’t turn back in the middle of a traffic jam. But you can reroute if you know it is ahead. Do that!

Family commitments, especially caring for sick or elderly relatives, or a child with special needs are like the stormy weather. Life carries on regardless, the journey carries on despite the bad weather, it just makes it all harder to cope with. Driving through pouring rain is exhausting and stressful. But if you carry on you will get to the other side of the storm. It will get better.

These are all huge metaphors and I hope you can see what I am trying to get at.

None of us have a perfect life, that old saying, “we all have our cross to bear” is very true. Even people who seem to have a lovely life have pot holes to manoeuvre around, storms to drive through. It’s how they see these obstacles that allows them to be happy.

Make the active choice to get up and ride out the storm, seek out the rainbow, see the glory of the dark skies and never, ever wait for someone else to fix your pot holes for you.

Nourish your own inner happy.

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