Menopause Monday – and so it begins

I’m 40, only for a few weeks, but I’m hanging on to that zero for as long as I can!

I starting thinking about the menopause about 6 months ago. I was changing and it wasn’t just the whole hitting 40 thing, my body was changing.

It took a shift in my mid 30s, I couldn’t keep the weight off as easier as before, my hair was getting very grey and I was very angry and stressed. Going back on the pill helped with the last two, but the others I had to take into my own hands.

After all the excitement of celebrating being 40, (and I really did celebrate, hitting that milestone didn’t bother me at all) I found that things were changing.

I’ve never suffered from headaches before really. Occasionally when I haven’t drunk enough or I am in artificial light too much but nothing that a paracetamol couldn’t fix. But I was now getting blinding headaches for days on end, and they were really draining me.

I worked out that they were happening when I was on my pill free week and therefore probably hormone related. The nurse changed my pill and it got a lot better, more on that in another post.

I saw a couple of programmes on the TV talking about it and the over riding message was that we don’t talk about it enough. It is still a taboo subject and women are suffering because of that.

Then the hype of those programmes died down and people did just that, stopped talking about it, how you found that? No one wants to admit they are going through this?

Are we embarrassed! About what?

Getting old?

Embarrassing symptoms?

Being naive?

I want to help put a stop to that and make it something that is far more normal.

When I bit the bullet to talk to my friends about it, everyone admitted they were having some symptoms of the peri-menopause. We were all suffering in silence, maybe thinking we were the only ones, when we could have been supporting each other.

So every Monday (well if I remember, another symptom!) I will be blogging about my journey. Let’s break down some barriers and start talking about this!

I’d love it to be an interactive thing. Please comment on the post on Facebook, in the blog comments or PM me.


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