Don’t stress, it’s just magnesium!

Stress, it’s a double edged sword you know. A lack of something can cause your stress levels to rise and also being stressed can deplete the stores even more.

Magnesium is such a case.

The lower your magnesium levels, the more susceptible to stress you are. You will struggle to deal with situations as well and you will find yourself getting ratty over more things. Remember what we have learnt before about what lowers the magnesium levels;  eating too much sugar, heart problems, taking medication, poor diet, low gut health. If you fall into any of those categories and you are suffering from stress, it may be worth upping your magnesium.


The other problem is that stress can deplete your magnesium levels, so even if they are at a healthy level usually, stress can lower them. Magnesium is released from the blood cells into the blood pl asma when your body is under stress and adrenaline is produced. From the plasma the magnesium then makes its way to the urine and is lost from the body. Whoops! All that good eating gone!

So how do we break the cycle? If you increase your magnesium levels enough you should be able to stop the stress appearing in the first place. It’s worth a try isn’t it? Go back to this post, ¬†and see how easy it is to up the levels through healthy eating. That with some mindfulness could help you to cope with some of the daily stresses of your life.

Just knowing that it what is affecting your stress levels, or magnesium deficiency can be enough, knowledge is power.

knowledge is power

But remember you have to action that knowledge for it to become powerful. If you are under a lot of stress, increase your intake of magnesium rich food, if that doesn’t help then consult a professional and consider taking a supplement. More on that next week.



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