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Gut instinct

No one likes talking about their poo unless you they are a 5 year old boy really, do they. But you may need to give it more thought than you think. Is your gut, as in your digestive tract, working the way it should? I don’t just mean are you regular at going, I mean is it doing the job it was intended for? Because over the years, as we have gotten into the habits of eating more and more processed food, our guts have become less and less effective.

So what are they meant to do? They are meant to absorb the nutrients from our food, but because of the food we eat, or have eaten in the past, they can not be working to the best of their abilities, and don’t absorb anywhere near as much as they should. Basically, you could be pooing out all the good fruit and veg without absorbing any nutrients from them, what a waste! Excuse the pun!


Your gut is responsible for so much of your health! If there are 100 trillion microorganisms in there, they need looking after to do their job properly. 60-80% of your immune system is in or relies on your gut health, if your gut isn’t healthy then neither are you – fact. Any of these ring a bell; tiredness, spotty skin, anxiety, eczema, constipation, headaches, bloating, frequent coughs and colds, inflammation of joints? A unhealthy gut could be contributing to these.

Microbiome is the key word here, creating and looking after a healthy micobiome is the key to unlocking a lot more healthier you. You need a diverse amount of bacteria in your body and this is down to what we consume. We can create a more diverse amount of bacteria by eating certain foods, taking pre and pro biotics. We need to limit the amount of artificial and junk food and drink as they kill the good bacteria we are trying to cultivate. There is heaps of information out there on the web about this, I chose these few images as a quick guide but will come back with more detailed information in further blog posts.


I can personally attest to this making a vast difference to my health, my skin and my weight management. I take an pre and pro biotic every day and have just started making my own version of a kefir soda with apple cider vinegar. I used to suffer terribly from an irritable bowel, often looking several months pregnant despite loosing weight elsewhere. That has now gone, my skin is much less prone to spots and I am hardly ever ill. In fact when I did pick up a cold recently (which is inevitable working with children) it lasted less than 3 days with no cough at the end.

It does take effort, it does take money. But that is a very small price to pay for the health of your whole body and mind. If I said I could give you a magic pill which would make you free from illness, have a happier mind and more energy you would jump at the chance of taking it!!!! So don’t be scared (or too miserly) to look after your gut!

Trust your gut instincts!











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