• Life is a journey

    Quit complaining

    I was at my company conference last week, 2 days of inspirational talks along with shopping, eating and having fun. There were many take away moments from those 2 days and I have a notebook full of scribbles to prove it, but one of the main things that hit me was this, We only complain about the things we can change.  Think about it, your daily gripes are all centered around the frustration that something could be done to alleviate an issue but no one has. Tell me what you have complained about in the last week, I’ll share some of mine too my husband snoring my daughter not tidying…

  • Recipes

    Aunty Sue’s special sauce!

    I feel a bit mean writing this, as this is limited edition special sauce. Only available a few people.  But maybe you could find your own Aunty Sue. Or your own special sauce. So I’ll share it anyway! I use this sauce in sooooo many different ways, as a dressing on a salad, over pork chops, for marinating salmon, as a dip with cream cheese, in stir fries, I could go on and on. But today’s recipe is one of my famous (I like to think so anyway), ‘chuck it in a pan and see what happens’ recipes. The started off life as a very boring meat, mash and two…

  • Adventure

    Are you going in the right direction?

    Are you going in the right direction? This poor guy wasn’t. He had climbed up the outside wall of the house, in the window, down inside our bedroom and along the carpet. He really didn’t know where he was going. Do you? You could be plugging away at a weightloss program and not making much progress. You could be working hard, every day at work and for no recognition, or career progression. It’s never to late to change your path. I helped this little guy by putting him back outside near the greenery that would bring him happiness. Would you like some help finding the right direction?

  • Menopause

    Menopause Monday – hot stuff

    One of the most well know side effects of menopause is hot flushes. There is even a musical named after it! But do they need to be a part of the next few years of your life or can you do anything about them? The science bit! Hot flushes are caused by the sudden dilation of blood vessels in the skin and then heat is released. It is caused by falling oestrogen levels that cause a hormonal imbalance in the hypothalamus (which regulates your body temperature) The real life bit! They are a pain in the backside! They wake you up at night, disturb your sleep, make you feel self…

  • Menopause

    Menopause Monday – Control

    Like I said last week, I think most of us thrive on routine and being in control of our lives. We work, we have kids or grandchildren to look after, we lead busy lives and have a lot going on. And we probably went through a stage of feeling like we had it under control, at least some of the time. But then all of a sudden we are not getting enough sleep because of night sweats, we have to write every single little thing down or we’ll forget it. We burst into tears at the slightest thing making us feel like we are not normal. When we are in…

  • Menopause

    Menopause Monday – What is causing all this?

    A lot of anxiety surrounding the menopause comes from us not knowing what is going on. And not getting the information until we have been suffering for a long time. Some of that suffering can be avoided with better understanding. That’s kind of why I started this thing. I bought a book last week about the menopause and my mum laughed at me and joked ‘well you can never be too prepared’. But that’s the problem, why are we waiting until we have gone through years of suffering before we find out about it. We don’t do this with our girls going through puberty do we. We don’t leave them…

  • Menopause

    Who me??? Really??

    The thing with menopause is that people don’t think it will happen to them. They think menopause happens when you get old and none of us want to admit we are getting old. So we prefer to stick our heads in the sand and pretend that it isn’t happening. The weight gain is just down to laziness. The night sweats are to do with cheap Primarni nightwear. The forgetfulness is just because we are just too busy. And we don’t drink enough water. And all these things can be true as well. If we went to the doctor would we get an answer? I’m not sure we would. It would…

  • Menopause

    Menopause Monday – how do you know?

    The trouble with the menopause is that no one talks about it. And if no one talks about it how do you know what it is? Especially if you are younger than 50. Surely you are too young for any of that menopause stuff so you dismiss it as something else and just put up with it. That’s what I was doing, at 40 years old I didn’t feel confident talking to people about it. I worried that if I talked to friends about it they would they think I thought they were older than they were! Then I saw Meg Matthews talk on Loose Women about her experiences. She…

  • Menopause

    Menopause Monday – and so it begins

    I’m 40, only for a few weeks, but I’m hanging on to that zero for as long as I can! I starting thinking about the menopause about 6 months ago. I was changing and it wasn’t just the whole hitting 40 thing, my body was changing. It took a shift in my mid 30s, I couldn’t keep the weight off as easier as before, my hair was getting very grey and I was very angry and stressed. Going back on the pill helped with the last two, but the others I had to take into my own hands. After all the excitement of celebrating being 40, (and I really did…

  • Life is a journey

    Mindset is everything

    Over Easter we watched the Masters golf tournament, eagerly following the return of Tiger Woods. This isn’t a golf post, so keep reading even if you weren’t. This was his first Masters in 3 years, since everything went wrong for him. He could have come into the tournament full of enthusiasm and glad to be back. Full of smiles and enjoying his passion. But he didn’t. His body language was screaming I don’t want to be here. I am uncomfortable. I feel the pressure. And what happened? He bombed. His game was off, he made loads of mistakes. His body language got worse, shoulders hunched as he walked the fairway.…

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