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Pressing pause

Life is busy isn’t it? Work, home, dance lessons, dinner, homework. Work, homework, cubs, dinner. Repeat.

You flop into bed at the end of the day exhausted and I don’t know about you but feeling like a sheepdog. All you have done all day is run around organising other people.

Does that sound familiar?

You’ve ‘seen’ your children and your partner but have you actually connected with them?

The weekend come and you hop for some special family time but the food shopping needs doing, you have to get 2 kids to 2 different birthday parties at opposite sides of town at the same time and all of Sunday is spent at football and washing the kit afterwards.

Monday comes around and you start the cycle again.

We need to press pause.

Because otherwise the days turn into weeks that run into months and suddenly they are another year older.

You post on Facebook a birthday picture followed by “I can’t believe you are 10!!” because you realise that you actually missed most of them at 9 rushing around fitting everything in.

We need to press pause.

I made a pledge in September as ne of my #BeingTheBestMe challenge to have 2 family activities a month. That might not seem like much but how many times a month do you do things all together for fun? We really struggle unless I make a conscious effort to put them on the calendar. Life just gets in the way.

This past week we travelled to Blackpool for my daughter’s dance competition. It was a weekend full of amazing experiences that are stories for another time, but one of the best bits was the road trip there and back. 12 hours in total to chat, sing, giggle. To connect with each other.

That is an extreme example, 6 hours in a car on a Friday night is some people’s idea of hell but for us it worked.

What could you do this weekend to reconnect with all your family? A game night, trip out for doughnuts and hot chocolate? An outing to the park or the swimming pool and actually get in with them? Breakfast in bed all squashed in together? It doesn’t need to be extravagant or expensive. Your time is what matters.

Press pause for just a while, forget about the housework, the homework, the rushing around. Put it on the calendar and comment below with what you are going to do!

Press pause.


More information about the #BeingTheBestMe challenge can be found in my Facebook group, The Inner Nourish, click here

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