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    Pressing pause

    Life is busy isn’t it? Work, home, dance lessons, dinner, homework. Work, homework, cubs, dinner. Repeat. You flop into bed at the end of the day exhausted and I don’t know about you but feeling like a sheepdog. All you have done all day is run around organising other people. Does that sound familiar? You’ve ‘seen’ your children and your partner but have you actually connected with them? The weekend come and you hop for some special family time but the food shopping needs doing, you have to get 2 kids to 2 different birthday parties at opposite sides of town at the same time and all of Sunday is…

  • Recipes

    Pumpkin soup that actually tastes good

    You got the pumpkins for Halloween, you had a great time at the farm picking them, they made a lovely decoration but what now? They are too big to keep in the fridge, and not many people like eating them as a vegetable! We tried putting one out for the birds and the squirrels, but they weren’t too keen and it just went mouldy, so plan B, back to the kitchen I went. I’ve tried making pumpkin soup before but soups are not my forte. I can’t seem to get the balance right and pumpkin soup just came out stodgy and gloopy. This year though I was determined to crack…

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