• Loving what is in the mirror

    A confession!

    Eeek, I feel really bad admitting this. I feel like I have been leading a double life, but that is the reason to come clean (pun intended). One of my most sacred values is being real, even on social media. Just search my hashtags #RealFacebook #RealLife So here it goes. I don’t wash my face at night! Shock, horror! The girl that sells skin care doesn’t look after her skin! Ok, it’s not that big a deal, not in grand scheme of things. But it does matter to me because I like to like what I see in the mirror. I got started on this whole network marketing thing because…

  • Recipes

    Embrace the quinoa!

    Quinoa, that word that is ridiculously tricky to pronounce, yet the stuff is everywhere. In salads, in dinners, even in snack bars! Why? Because is it really good for you! Really! It is a great source of protein, and as it is a plant you can cut down on the animal protein a bit which is always good for your health. It is contain all 9 of the essential amino acids your body needs. You body cannot make amino acids, it needs to get them from food. Quinoa is a complete food in this sense. It is not a grain, but a seed, so behaves like a grain or a…

  • Life is a journey

    What is stopping you from being truly happy?

    If you were to ask most people this question you would get these kind of answers; work kids money stress responsibilities health weight Which one of those would you give if I was sitting having a cuppa with you right now? I wonder if anyone would answer with this though myself And that is the only one which is true. Yes, all of those other things affect our happiness, but only if we let them. If we let them. We have the power to control how we react to stress and unhappiness. So we have the power to make sure that the above things to not lead to the destruction…

  • Life is a journey

    The path to true happiness

    I’ll tell you right now, that path is a bumpy one. There are many pot holes in the road, hazards that get in your way, bad weather that will hamper your journey. Do you give up and go home? Some do. But here’s what most people do. They think, “Oh goodness, this looks scary, I think I’ll just wait here a while and hope it gets better in the morning.” They hope someone will come along and move the obstacle, or mend the pot holes so they can have a smoother ride. Trouble is, the next morning it is often worse, instead of the sunny skies they were hoping for…

  • Life is a journey

    Quit complaining

    I was at my company conference last week, 2 days of inspirational talks along with shopping, eating and having fun. There were many take away moments from those 2 days and I have a notebook full of scribbles to prove it, but one of the main things that hit me was this, We only complain about the things we can change.  Think about it, your daily gripes are all centered around the frustration that something could be done to alleviate an issue but no one has. Tell me what you have complained about in the last week, I’ll share some of mine too my husband snoring my daughter not tidying…

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