• Loving what is in the mirror

    Bad skin, is it really that big a deal?

    Yes, if it has an impact on your mental health and emotional well being it is a big deal. So why do so many of us give up and just accept that greasy skin, spots, dark circles, dry patches are a part of life and are here to stay? I was lucky as a teenager and had pretty good skin, a whopper of a spot once a year but apart from that I was very lucky. But then when I hit my mid 30’s mother nature made up for that big time! All of a sudden, I had a greasy, spotty face. I had dark circles under my eyes that…

  • Recipes

    Sausage risotto

    This is in my top 10 family dinners, easy to make, not much mess, cheap, freezes well and everyone loves eating it! Once you have learnt how to cook a good risotto you can then adapt it in so many ways, change the sausages for prawns, try different veg, add in some herbs, that kind of thing. It isn’t exactly super healthy, but I always include lots of different types of vegetables and get the sausages with the highest pork content too. Chop an onion, carrots, green beans and mushrooms. Get some peas out of the freezer for later. Put the sausages in to grill. Start by frying a chopped…

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