• Life is a journey


    Progress, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. Continuing our series on how to lead a happier, more stress free life, today I bring you my small victories that show that by making a few simple changes your life can be a lot easier. We’ve looked at recognising your personality traits in this blog here and the power you get from understanding your mind and how it works. We’ve looked at letting go of the pressures of society in this blog here, and how walking away and saying no can be easier than you think. This week I also started to read the Chimp Paradox and…

  • Life is a journey

    Too many foxes

    Hope you read the brilliant blog my friend Sarah wrote for me about living the zero fox given lifestyle? If not, it’s here. This is my side of the story. I’d love to be where Sarah is and living her life in a more carefree way, but I just can’t make it happen. I was beating myself up about it, but then I did this personality test online and found that maybe it’s not all my fault. The whole points of these tests is that you learn what your weaknesses are and work on them. So this is me working on my over analysing. I think about everything. Every. Little.…

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