• Life is a journey

    What do you care?

    Do you care too much? Or not enough? Or are you Goldilocks and it’s just right. Not in a nasty way, I know this community is full of very wonderful, lovable and loving souls. But in caring too much about what others think about you. About your life, your choices, your family, your decisions, your job, your lifestyle. When you post on social media are you doing it to document your life, to share a happy moment with others, or are you doing it to impress others? Do you only upload photos of yourself if they are through a snapchat filter as that makes you look 10 years younger? Do…

  • Recipes

    BBQ sides for a healthier you

    BBQ’s fall in to two categories in our circle of friends, ┬áthe spontaneous, come round to ours the barbie is on/falling back to ours after an afternoon drinking session. planned event when we have time to think about what we are going to serve. The food differs with them too whatever we can find at the local co-op, usually burgers, sausages both in white buns, a bag of ready made salad if we’re lucky. a variety of meat and fish, various sides dishes to complement them, veggies for the kids. Yesterday was the second option and I thought I’d share some of the yummy recipes I used.   I like…

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