• Recipes

    Shepherds Pie Pots

    These are so stinking cute they are almost too good to eat, almost! And add into that, that mine almost look as good as the original picture and they tasted amazing, could they be just the perfect dinner? I held back judgement until today, because I wanted to see if they passed the freezer test. One of the best things about Shepherds pie (or strictly cottage pie as I use beef mince) is that the left overs are perfect for freezing so I always make a big one and freeze half in portion containers. But would these little cuties freeze and defrost well? Yes!!! The pastry held it’s shape, wasn’t…

  • Life is a journey

    Keep calm? I’m a parent you know!

      Yes that’s what we’d all like our holidays to look like, but in reality? With kids? I don’t think so!! When the kids are little you get 5am wake ups and start you ‘restful’ weekend or holiday day with a Peppa Pig marathon just to keep them quiet, progressing on to hours at the park or soft play to try and wear them out before collapsing with exhaustion yourself and falling asleep half way through a film at 8.30pm! When the kids get older you get a brief few years where they sleep until a sensible time, get up and make their own breakfasts leaving you to have a lie in and manage…

  • Life is a journey

    Spread love, not hate, stay free

      Waking up to another terrorist attack in the UK this morning is a shock to the system. Our beautiful country in under attack from people who hate everything we stand for, love, freedom and democracy. In times like this it is hard to feel safe, to feel free and to feel happy.   Do you fight or give in?   Do we fight with what we have, our freedom, and continue with our daily lives? Do we keep our planned engagements and venture into these places and do as we had planned to do, meet friends, see loved ones, create happy memories?   Or do we give in and…

  • Recipes

    Kedgeree fit for dinner

    I’d been reading about the health benefits of turmeric and wanted to incorporate it into a dinner. Kedgeree seemed like a great choice as I had fish in the freezer, but wasn’t it a breakfast food? I quickly slapped those thoughts away, we don’t think like that in this house, if you want to eat food then eat it. We have done away with the conventions of certain foods for certain times of the day, Holly often has a fish finger sandwich for breakfast and I’ll have peanut butter and banana on toast if I want it for dinner. As long as it balances out over the day it’s all…

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