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    Gut instinct

    No one likes talking about their poo unless you they are a 5 year old boy really, do they. But you may need to give it more thought than you think. Is your gut, as in your digestive tract, working the way it should? I don’t just mean are you regular at going, I mean is it doing the job it was intended for? Because over the years, as we have gotten into the habits of eating more and more processed food, our guts have become less and less effective. So what are they meant to do? They are meant to absorb the nutrients from our food, but because of…

  • Life is a journey


    How are you with clutter? I’m a bit of a hoarder, I keep things that I know I’m not going to use again, but can’t bear to throw away. But I also can’t stand mess! It’s a bit of a battle really. I vowed when we had the kitchen redone that there was not going to be clutter on the worktops and I’m not doing too bad. I’ve got a fruit bowl, a quote and a kettle on one side and that is it. However I do have a huge drawer full of ‘stuff’!!!! Magazines, stationery, pen pots, tickets, books, letters! But at least I can close that drawer (just)…

  • Life is a journey

    Do you have time for mindfulness?

    Yes I know, if you are so busy that you think that this then maybe you are exactly the person who needs mindfulness. But really, honestly, who does? I had a look on good old Pinterest and there is a raft of beautiful looking pins about meditation, keeping a journal, getting up extra early, and stop watching television. That’s not exactly selling it to me folks, evenĀ  though the journal idea did seem exciting, I do love an excuse for new stationary!!! So many of us are trying to cram more and more into our lives, we are under pressure to be fill our children’s days with meaningful educational activities,…

  • Recipes

    Turkey rice with a kick!

    This is one of my easy, go to, midweek dinners. I have adapted a recipe from Pinterest to make it into an even easier recipe with less fiddling around. I make it as a chuck it all in together and see what happens kind of dish because that’s how I roll!! Ingredients – ta dah! Turkey mince is necessary for this dish as it is lighter and goes better with the yoghurt. I tend to chuck in whatever veggies I have to hand that week, but peppers work great, as does broccoli (but be careful you don’t over cook it) and little florets of cauliflower could work too. In the…

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